FIU Event on Societal Consciousness Against Alcohol Addiction Question

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Summary: Find a contemporary conflict or event, compile a list of sources that discuss the event or conflict, craft a basic historical narrative based on your sources that discusses the event, the causes/events leading up to it, and give a reasoned point of view from which to understand the event/conflict.

These homework assignments will be analyzed in class on the last day of the unit.


Part 1.Analysis

  1. Choose a contemporary conflict or event. This can vary widely; it does not need to be something that has made national headlines. Potential conflicts can include:
    1. A family reunion you attended.
    2. An interpersonal conflict.
    3. An event/conflict happening in your community, like a celebration.
    4. A conflict happening online, on Instagram or Whatsapp.
    5. Something that happened in the lives of your parents (a birth, marriage, important event, etc).
  2. Write a brief introduction, explaining what the event is you will be examining. How long of a period of time will be covered by your analysis (2 days, 3 months, a few hours)? Explain why you think it is important or interesting to examine.
  3. Compile a set of sources that discuss this event or conflict. Put these sources into a list. This list should constitute the first part of your Presentation. Again, these do not have to be newspaper articles or national broadcasts. Your sources should have knowledge or information of/about the event, though your sources should always be open to scrutiny and criticism. Your compilation can include things like:
    1. Interviews you have conducted with people.
    2. Tweets, facebook posts (screen capped and put into a document).
    3. Articles
    4. Pictures
    5. Artistic works
    6. You should NOT rely on: other historical accounts found on the internet.
  4. You should have as many sources as possible. Do not rely on just a few tweets, but be as comprehensive as you can.
  5. Analyze the sources and their various discussions of the event. Based on them, come up with a narrative of the event. This narrative should explain:
    1. The causes leading up to the event.
    2. The event itself: what happened and why.
    3. The aftermath of the event.
  6. Next, the assignment should contain a section that briefly explains your historical point of view or position. It should explain what you believe the main forces contributing to the event/conflict are and, by extension, what the central/most important forces that shape events and history are.
  7. In total, the written portion of the assignment should be 4-5 pages, double spaced.

Part 2. Source Appendix

  1. Finally, append your sources (those you can) to the document.

When you have completed both parts, put the entire document together into a .doc or .pdf and upload it via canvas. These documents will be discussed in class. This appendix will constitute your works cited.

Technical Specifications:

Length: Your written historical account should be 4-5 pages. Your appendix has no absolute length.

Font: Times New Roman or Arial

Margins: Default

File type: .doc, .docx, .pdf

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