The Federal Role in Health Care

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In this unit, hospitals, caregivers, and financial aspects of health care are examined in the context of their relationships with the federal government. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the impact of the federal government on the health care system in your region. In all likelihood, you find that the government enables some aspects of the health care system and retards or inhibits others. Read about the role the federal government has played in another region or in the U.S. as a whole, and then use this to make comparisons with your own region. Write a 2 page summary memo that discusses the federal involvement in health care in your region to the entire board of directors.


Assignment for Medical Liaison Officers

  1. Visit the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Web site.
    • Click the Training tab.
    • Click Research Centers.
    • Click the following links on the Web page:
      • Centers of Excellence for Research on CAM.
      • Centers for Dietary Supplements Research: Botanicals.
      • Developmental Centers for Research on CAM.
      • Centers for CAM Research.
    • Do you find your state on any of these lists? If so, what does this tell you? If not, what might this mean?
  2. Read about Kentucky’s experience with the federal government’s role in physician manpower in the Johnson and Cooper article (1982, March), ” Physician Shortage in Kentucky, 1930–1980,” from American Journal of Public Health, volume 72, issue 3, pages 257–260.
  3. List similarities, if any, between the role of the federal government in Kentucky’s health care and the health care in your own region in relation to physician manpower.
  4. List at least one difference between the Kentucky example and your region in relation to physician manpower.
  5. With this information, write to the Board of Directors a 2 page memo that compares the role of the federal government in relation to physician manpower in both your region and Kentucky. Discuss the degree to which you feel the federal government has been helpful and the degree to which it has been hurtful in your area.


Create a 2 page essay in APA Format. Use the assigned 2 sources up above as references and more if needed. Be sure to include in-text citations.

There will be a link to the transcript for the Board of Directors in the drop box below.

Your region is Charleston, West Virginia. You will compare your region to the region of Kentucky.

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