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 Read the question carefully and respond
to the complete statement. Use complete sentences, paragraphs, and punctuation. Include your
own ideas in your narrative and conclusion, not necessarily what you think the professor wants to
hear. Support your essay with evidence and examples. Use a balance of narrative and analysis to
be descriptive in your responses:

1. Analyze three political controversies of the 1830s or 1840s that revealed key divisions
among Americans regarding the future of the nation. Provide specific evidence in support
of your analysis. Conclude your essay with a thoughtful paragraph on how these
controversies may be relative to the United States today.

 2. What were the most significant social, economic, and/or political factors that drove U.S.
expansion westward? Thoroughly analyze at least two specific historical examples in
your response. Examine the diplomatic, political, and moral issues faced by the United
States during this period. Conclude your essay with a one paragraph response to the
question, “Is the United States an Empire?”

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