writing essay about textbook “GIVE ME LIBERTY, ERIC FONER, VOLUME 2”

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Instructions: The midterm consists of 14 essay questions. Each essay should be approximately 300 words in length and include information taken from the textbook. Any information obtained from outside the textbook must be cited. Essays will be graded on length, informational content, and writing quality. The midterm is due on Friday, March 17th by 11:59 PM.

Chapter 15
The women’s movement split into two separate national organizations in part because the Fifteenth Amendment did not give women the vote. Explain why the two groups split.

What caused the confrontation between President Johnson and Congress over Reconstruction policies?

By what methods did southern whites seek to limit African-American civil rights and liberties? How did the federal government respond?

Chapter 16
The American economy thrived because of federal involvement, not the lack of it. How did the federal government actively promote industrial and agricultural development in this period?

Why were railroads so important to America’s second industrial revolution? What events demonstrate their influence on society and politics as well as the economy?

Chapter 17
What economic and political issues gave rise to the Populist Party, and what changes did the party advocate?

What ideas and interests motivated the United States to create an empire in the late nineteenth century?

Chapter 18
Describe how Fordism transformed American industrial and consumer society.

Socialism was a rising force across the globe in the early twentieth century. How successful was the movement in the United States?

Chapter 19
What were the assumptions underlying the Roosevelt Corollary? How did the doctrine affect our relations with Europen nations and those in the Western Hemisphere?

Why did Progressives see in the expansion of governmental powers in wartime an opportunity to reform American society?

Chapter 20
How did consumerism and the idea of the “American way of life” affect people’s understanding of American values, including the meaning of freedom, in the 1920’s?

Who supported restricting immigration in the 1920’s and why? Why were they more successful in gaining federal legislation to limit immigration in these years?

Chapter 21
Discuss how regional development such as the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Columbia River project reflected broader changes in American life during the New Deal.

How did the emphasis of the Second New Deal differ from that of the First New Deal?


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