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Directions: Choose two (2) of the following biographies of individuals who not only had a significant impact on American society but also on the world stage in different ways:

Herbert Hoover

  1. Did the same qualities that made Hoover an excellent engineer, businessman, and relief organizer also make him a bad president?
  2. What were the motives that led Hoover to dedicate the last 50 years of his life (1914 -1964) to unpaid public service?

Charles Lindbergh

  1. How did the development of aviation technology change the character of American individualism?
  2. Was Lindbergh politically naïve, or did he actually sympathize with the Nazi point of view?

Douglas MacArthur

  1. What are the benefits and drawbacks of military subordination to civil power?
  2. What characteristics enabled MacArthur to rise rapidly to the top of army life and stay there for so long?

Please answer this question in a minimum of 200 words

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