Multiple Choice questions about US government, question help

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1.A bicameral legislature allows for: A.multiple interests to be represented   B.greater ease in passong legislation   C.regional passions to dominate legislation   D.economic interest to prevail

2.Which committee in the US House of Representatives guides the floor action on all legislation? A.procedures  B.ways C.rules   D.proofing

3.The central final amendment proposal is often referred to as: A. the final rule   B. the King of the Hill rule                     C.the Last Dance rule   D.the cloture rule

4.Party discipline would most likely by achieved by: A.the Speaker of the House   B.the majority leader                                C. the majority party whip   D.the minority leader

5.The greatest concern about proposed legislation is that: will pass    B. it will die in a committee                                 C. it will develop into an entirely different piece of legislation     D. it will not be debated

6.A committee comprising both House and Senate members is often referred to as a ___  committee.    A.reserved    B.joint   C.ways and means    D. investigative

7. If you were a House member, one of your goals would be to secure which of following?   A.earmarks                       B.more franking privileges  C. greater authority   D. more meetings with the speaker.

8.Major rewrites of a bill occur in the:  A. conference committee    B. subcommittee    C. markup sessions                         D. Judiciary Committee

9.The Senate seeks to life a legislative hold through the process of:  A.logrolling    B.gerrymandering    C.franking   D.cloture

10.A small change in a House bill previously passed by the Senate means which of the following committees is most likely to be used? A. ways   B.conference     C. procedures   D. Oversight

11.To overcome a presidential veto, Congress needs: A.two-thirds approval of the house                                                      B. three-quarters approval of the Senate    C.two-thirds approval of the House and Senate                                            D.four-fifths approval of House and Senate

12. The ” People’s Branch” is otherwise referred to as: A.the House  B. the Senate  C. Congress  D.the courts

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