HIST 135 Brookdale Community College The American Promise & History Questions

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Need at least 2 decent paragraphs per question MLA format.

Textbook: The American Promise: A Concise History 6th Edition, VOLUME ONE to 1877 Roark, et. al. Bedord St. Martin’s Press, 2017 ISBN 978 1 319 04273 8

1. The early periods of national life for the new republic of America were faced with the goal of building a brand new nation, and the hopes and dreams of a nation of “arts and sciences”. Yet early on, factionalism became a reality. What were the divisions, visions, and the issues that emerged that so divided the new nation? Include in this discussion the various leaders of each faction.

2. Discuss the economic atmosphere, real and perceived, of Jacksonian America. Use the text, the Sean Wilentz and Gordon Wood essays in the Mosaic, and ideas from discussion forums as well. What are ALL the elements – technology, ideas, federal policies and events that contributed to it? What were both its good and bad sides?

3. Discuss the Reformist movements during the 1800’s, including the various types, place in society, their main ideas, leaders and people involved? Where did these movements come from? What do they tell us about their time frame in American history? Do you think they were bad or good for society? Why?

4. In the movie Amistaad John Quincy Adams say “let Civil War come – and may it be the last battle of the American Revolution.” Trace and discuss the genesis of the Civil War from the Revolution up until 1860. Be sure to include constitutional issues like the ending of slavery, slavery itself, the power of the states versus that of the federal government, perceived and real differences between the North and the South, industrialization, politics, expansionism, racism and anything else you think might be pertinent. Be sure to offer not only an historical analysis, but also your own interpretations as well.


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