Santa Monica College Lower Class French of 17th Century Questions Response

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17th Century Culture and Customs TD

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Vatel (2000)

17th century France PROMPT: Considering all sources (textbook reading, source book primary sources, movie, and additional primary sources listed for this topic), what were the prevailing social concerns and social norms (manners, behaviors, etc) among the upper and lower class French of the 17th century? What evidence is there to support some historians’ views that the 17th century was a period of marked tension between these classes? Give both a broad overview and specific evidence to support your response. Utilize numerous sources–especially primary– for support, from those above and from the required sources for this week.

Peer reply: Please be sure to reply to a peer whose main post focused on the other topic set. You do not need to watch the second film, but you do need to use some of the other sources provided. Your reply should be markedly different than your and your peer’s original post. It should not reiterate points made on your topic set, but should seek to contribute to your peer’s work. Avoid critiques.

Please use these links as a primary source

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