Rasmussen College Professional Identity Discussion

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Valuable Member Infographic(PART ONE)


Demonstrate principles of professional identity and professionalism for the nurse within the context of regulatory and practice standards.


You are assigned to discuss your professional identity with your peers on the unit during a meeting and have decided to present the attributes using an infographic. The goal is to encourage all nurses to examine attributes and identify their professional identity to improve professionalism in the healthcare setting. As a nurse leader, you want your infographic to include the attributes that have guided your growth within the profession. As a leader of the unit, you work to grow the nurses on the unit and want to encourage them to identify their professional identity as the leaders to focus on succession planning. Your goal is to develop your infographic and share with other nurses to encourage them to examine the attributes to grow within the profession.


Create an infographic that includes the attributes you believe support your professional identity. Include the following:

  • Identify 10 attributes that form your professional identity based on professional standards.
  • Reflect on why each of the attributes were selected for your professional identity.
  • Determine the attributes that are important for nurse leaders.
  • Identify how diversity and teamwork plays a role in developing your professional identity.
  • Provide stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.
  • Create a word document with the following required information clearly defined:
  • 1. In complete sentences list key concepts you learned (minimum 5 key concepts)
  • 2. Find one NCLEX question and copy/paste questions and answer. Tell me why you selected the question and where you found it.
  • 3. Feedback on additional capstone topics that interest you and you would like to learn about.
  • Complete the Self-Reflection template above.Each block must have at least one clearly stated and measurable personal and professional goal that is achievable and realistic. Remember your smart goal thought process. The timeline must be as directed in the given template.As you complete this activity, reflect on the following questions:
    • What strengths do you have as you enter the profession of nursing?
    • What weaknesses do you have, and how will you overcome or minimize them?
    • Where will you be and what will you be doing five years after graduation from this nursing program?

    Once the template has been completed, answer these questions in the same document.

    • What is your plan to continue to prepare for NCLEX-RN® ?
    • How will you maintain the momentum to ensure that your knowledge and test-taking strategies remain “second nature”?
    • What is your plan to maintain competency and becoming a lifelong learner?
    • Where will you find resources to assist in this process?
    • What does certification mean to you?
    • What is your plan to assist in the role transition from expert student to novice graduate nurse?
    • How will you gain your new professional identity?
    • PART 4 (DISCUSSION)Areas for reflection:
      • Describe how you achieved each course competency, including at least one example of new knowledge, gained related to that competency.
      • Describe how you achieved the transferable skills (listed below), including at least one example of new knowledge, gained related to the transferable skill.
      • Describe how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.

      Course Competencies

      1. Design relevant, multidimensional nursing care for optimal health inclusive of client preferences, values, and beliefs.
      2. Select approaches to client care which incorporate care and comfort, risk reduction, health promotion, and disease management.
      3. Prioritize evidence-based, client-centered nursing care as a foundation for emotional, mental, spiritual, and social well-being.
      4. Utilize data-driven nursing care strategies inclusive of continuous quality improvement.
      5. Synthesize components of clinical judgement, professional nursing identity, and reflective practice for lifelong learning.
      6. Determine effective responses to clinical problems integrating information technology, evidence-based practice, quality improvement, and interprofessional collaboration.

      Transferable Skills

    • Course ReflectionAs you reflect on this course, answer the following questions in your discussion.Describe how you achieved each of the course competencies.Initial PostProvide at least one example of new knowledge gained related to each competency and explain how this new knowledge will impact your nursing practice.Competencies:
      1. Integrate leadership and management principles and attributes in nursing practice.
      2. Use evidence-based practice to guide clinical reasoning and clinical judgement as a basis for nursing decision making.
      3. Collaborate in healthcare delivery systems settings for improved patient outcomes.
      4. Demonstrate principles of professional identity and professionalism for the nurse within the context of regulatory and practice standards.
      5. Analyze agencies that influence the provision of nursing care in the healthcare system.
      6. Formulate decisions based on the legal and ethical underpinnings that improve healthcare.

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