Instructions: Humanities

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Instructions: Please respond to one of the following two questions, using the sources provided below as the basis of your response.  Post your initial response using at least 150 words, and also reply with at least one response post to another. 

Question 1: Identify one composition by Monteverdi or Vivaldi that demonstrates the qualities of the Baroque musical style. Describe your choice by relating key terms from the textbook to the selection you hear.  Can you compare this to a modern soundtrack or song that evokes a similar mood?

Question 2: Select one work by Vermeer and one by Leyster that that exemplifies the characteristics of the Baroque style and the Science of Observation. What do you like most about your two selections?


Monteverdi and Vivaldi

Monteverdi’s Orfeo (lyrics with translation:

Vivaldi’s “Spring” from Vivaldi: A Man for All Seasons at and (background and lyric translation at

Baroque Visual Arts

Baroque samples at ; scroll down and see the captions by each illustration; also, see

Examples of Baroque paintings from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam at (click on images; go full-screen; click “i” for info on the artist and date and painting)

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