Counter-Reform and Mannerism

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Explain whether you prefer the representation of the Last Supper by Tintoretto,
Veronese, or Leonardo da Vinci, identifying specific elements of the Mannerist
and Renaissance artistic styles. Discuss whether you would have sided with
Veronese or with Inquisition court, considering the issues of artistic freedom,
right of the patron, and appropriate subject matter. Provide a rationale for
your response. Describe a real modern situation where similar issues arise, like
a controversial film, a professor with controversial views, a business owner
expressing a religious opinion in public, a business owner who has an employee
who is “just different”, etc.

using sources under the Explore heading as the basis of your

Chapter 20 (pp. 665-681), Mannerist art; (see also p. 591 in Chapter 17); review
Week 10 Music folder

  • Tintoretto’s Last Supper at
    (click on the image to enlarge); also at Fig. 20.9 on p. 674
  • Tintoretto’s Last Supper, video, at
  • Chapter 14 (p. 491), Leonardo’s Last Supper (Fig. 14.25)
  • Leonardo’s Last Supper at
  • Chapter 20 (pp. 678-680 with Fig. 20.16), “Last Supper” painting and
    Inquisition trial of the artist Veronese
  • Trial of Veronese at

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