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Prepare a presentation about a sacred place in mythology, for example, the Oracle at Delphi or the Mahabodhi Temple. This place may or may not currently exist. Imagine this presentation as being like a travel guide book, letting someone from outside of the culture know what he or she should expect to find if he or she were to actually visit the mythical place.

Create a 10- to 14-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes. The use of images is encouraged. Remember that you must cite the source of the image in the speaker notes. Google and other search engines are not sources. Follow the link to the page and cite the actual page where the image is published. See resources for how to cite images from the Internet.

Include the following:

  • The mythological origins, history, and functions of the place
  • Any sacred objects and attributes associated with the deities and mythological origins of this place, for example, Apollo’s snake and lyre, or Buddha’s bodhi tree. Discuss the symbolism of these objects as used by contemporary people and cultures.
  • A comparison of this place to those that serve similar functions in other cultures, for example, mountain tops, temples, burial sites or memorials, and so on
  • The relevance of this place and these objects in contemporary culture, What significance do these places or things hold in the minds and emotions of the people? How do these places or things connect to mythological stories from that culture? What is the role of place and the associated objects?
  • The most important facts to know about the surrounding culture, and etiquette and dress to follow when visiting to this place. Most importantly, what do these details tell us about the culture that gave rise to the myth?

Format your images, citations, and references according to the appropriate course level APA guidelines.

here is the rubric please follow each step and make surethat there done to the rubric thank you

Week 5 HUM 105 Rubric Sacred Destination Presentation

Content: 9 Points

9 Points

All key elements of the presentation are covered in a substantive way, comprehensive and accurate.

  1. Appropriate choice of place
  2. Mythological origins, location, history, and functions described
  3. Role and symbolism of the place
  4. Comparison to other places of similar function
  5. Sacred objects present with associated deity
  6. Roles & symbolism of these objects to the people
  7. Connection of objects and place to cultural myth
  8. Cultural etiquette, dress and customs
  9. Knowledge and experiences to be gained
  10. Appropriate research of story origins

Organization / Development: 3 Point

3 Points

10 to 14 slides with substantive speaker notes

A title and references page are included (can be in addition to presentation slides.)

Presentation is well-organized, clear, and effectively structured

Speaker notes accompanying presentation effectively guide the presentation without repeating the content in the slides.

Mechanics: 3 Points

3 Points

Slides are creative and informative

Background is helpful and not distracting

Font type and size is visually appealing,
easy to read and not distracting

Images are appropriate and helpful in conveying information. Copyrighted images are cited in the speaker notes. Note that every image on the Internet is copyrighted unless it is clearly marked public domain, and you should still cite the source.

All citations follow APA guidelines in the speaker notes.

Rules of grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation are followed.

Total 15 Points

15 Points Earned

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