HIS 122 Molloy College The US History Since Reconstruction Questions

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Listen to the On The Media podcast – “ʻBusted’ #2: Who Deserves To Be Poor?”


  1. About one-quarter of the way through the On The Media podcast we get a nice overview of the history of welfare in the US (spanning from the Civil War to FDR to LBJ to Reagan and beyond). Some of this material will be familiar from our previous discussions, but some will be new. What do you find new or enlightening about this history?
  2. How did Clinton’s welfare reform change the nature of welfare itself? What impact did this have for Americans?
  3. A little more than halfway through the podcast, host Brooke Gladstone returns and interviews Carla Scott and her grandmother, Grace. This fascinating segment goes on for a good 10-15 minutes. What do you find most interesting and why?
  4. The last few minutes of the podcast return to the question of personal responsibility. What does research suggest about the relationship between personal responsibility and poverty?
  • Written response (400-500 words) to exercise questions

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