Broward Community College American History Questions

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  • You are to choose ONE question from part A and ONE question from part B to answer.
  • Your answers should be in complete sentences and be between two to three paragraphs.
  • You may only use information provided to you from your textbook or a reading in the module.
  • Please use proper citation, and upload the document as a Microsoft Word attachment.

Plagiarism policy: In the case of plagiarism, there will be no rewrites. At a minimum, you will receive a “0” for the assignment and a referral to the Dean.

Please refer to the Short Answer Questions Rubric to understand how you may earn full credit for this assignment.

Part A:

  1. Using the American Presidency: An Online Resource, choose either Bill Clinton, George W. Bush or Barak Obama. Next, scroll to “Life in Essays,” and read about the foreign affairs of the president you chose. After reading the essay, summarize the foreign issues that the President had to deal with and analyze whether he made the correct choice or not. Use information from the course and the website to explain your answer.
  2. After viewing “Terrorism, War and Bush 43,” and “George W. Bush: The Night of 9-11,” how did the terrorist attacks of September 11 shape U.S. foreign policy?
  3. After reading “The President’s Speech in Cairo: A New Beginning,” and watching “Terrorism, War and Bush 42,” to what extent is Obama’s speech a repudiation of Bush’s foreign policy? Explain with details from each source.

Part B:

  1. How conservative was Ronald Reagan? Why might some conservatives feel he did not go far enough, while some liberals felt that he dismantled too much?
  2. How did President George H.W. Bush intervene in the Middle East in 1990 -1991?
  3. How did computers change American life? Compare the impact of the computer with that of any other invention in history (car, telephone, steam engine, etc.).

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