Incan Empire has been compared to a modern welfare stat, History project

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In this unit, we learned about the Incan Empire. Before you begin your project, review your notes thoroughly. Pay special attention to the government structure of the Incas.

  •  Project Rubrics for this project. attached below

The Incan Empire has been compared to a modern welfare state. For this Unit Project, you will conduct research on a modern welfare state of your choice (Sweden is a good example, but you may choose another if you wish). As you research, refer back to the initial lesson in this course for reminders about good research habits. Make use of the resources such as graphic organizers there.

Part one:

Your project will be a 400-word academic essay. Discuss the similarities and differences between the modern welfare state (such as Sweden) and the Incan Empire. Choose three points of comparison, similarities or differences, for your body paragraphs. Avoid an essay structure that lists all similarities in one paragraph and all differences in another.

Part two:

Create a PowerPoint that illustrates these points. Your PowerPoint must have the following components:

  •  Six slides with three bullet points. Each point must have 3-5 complete sentences.
  • In-text citations for all outside sources that you use. (Here is a website if you need a reminder of how to use in-text citations: ). You will also use in-text citations for your essay in Part One of this project.
  • Use Photos, graphs, charts, data structures, etc., to further support your main ideas or demonstrate empirical evidence.

This paper must be written in MLA style. For more information on using the MLA citation format, please visit the following website. This is a great website to bookmark for future reference when writing academic papers:

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Use at least two sources, in-text citations and create a works cited page.

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