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Essay Questions

  • 1. Evaluate the causes of the War of 1812 and explain the course of the war, comparing the major theaters of battle. Finally, assess the war’s impact on the United States.
  • 2. Analyze the reasons for economic growth during the first half of the nineteenth century. Be specific in your responses in regards to how each example affected the economy.
  • 3. Evaluate the factors that contributed to sectionalism and the Civil War from 1815-1860, concentrating on the events of the 1850s. Be sure to use specific examples and to fully explain how the examples you selected impacted the sectional debate.
  • 4. Discuss the reasons for westward expansion from 1815-1850 and assess its impact on the people of the west, especially the Native Americans, Mexicans, and British. Include in your response a discussion of the Mexican War of 1846.
  • 5. Evaluate the various reform movements in the United States through the beginning of the Civil War.

Please send me your email and I will send you the textbook since the book it’s too large to upload here.

Each question needs 5 double space pages, and it needs to relate the textbook.


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