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Please Answer the following questions on the study guide…It’s fill in the blank and should be very easy. Please submit on a Word document. Thanks!

1.  Each state has __________ senators
elected every __________ years.

2.  __________ is the process of allotting
congressional seats to each state according to its proportion of the

3.  An institution consisting of two
chambers, such as Congress being split into the House of Representatives and
the Senate, is known as which of the following?

5.  In the House of Representatives, who is
second in authority to the Speaker of the House?

6.  Which political institution charges
government officials during the impeachment process?

7._________ is
a good example of Congressional casework.

8.  Which political institution decides to
convict and remove political officials from office during the impeachment

9.  Successful members of Congress share
the same policy interests as voters, according to the __________.

10.  Congressional whips serve what main

11.  __________ is the only formal method for
ending a filibuster and requires the approval of __________ senators.

12.  On average, each member of the House
represents __________ voters.

13.  What is the name of the provision in
Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, giving Congress implied powers not
otherwise enumerated?

14.  In which type of representation are
representatives elected to do what they think is best for their constituents?

15.  A temporary committee created to serve a
specific purpose is known as which of the following?

16.  When a sunset provision is attached to a
law, that law __________.

18.  Why were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton
impeached but not removed from office?

19.  A committee made up of members of both
chambers of Congress to conduct a special investigation or study is known as which
of the following?

20.  What occurs during the appropriations

21.  The Founders created the House of
Representatives to be which of the following?

22.  The __________ is where congressional
Democrats gather to select their leadership at the beginning of each term.

23.  __________ committees exist in both the
House and Senate, may be temporary or permanent, and usually have a focused

24.  Sitting politicians try to focus on the
needs of ____________ to maximize their chances at reelection.

25.  The true leader of the Senate is the
__________, elected by the majority party.

26.  A subcommittee’s small size allows for
the monitoring of members’ behavior, ensuring that all members of the committee
do their work and produce more of which of the following?

27.  The president pro tempore in the Senate
is the __________.

28.  What demonstrates the Founders’ desire to
insulate the Senate from popular displeasure?

29.  In the House of Representatives, what is the
only position mentioned specifically in the U.S. Constitution?

30.  In the House of Representatives, the
__________ decides who will speak on the floor, and rules on points of order.

31.  According to the trustee model of
representation, legislators are __________.

32.  In the House of Representatives, who is
the chief lieutenant of the Speaker?

33.  After the Congressional elections, Republican
politicians gather together to select party leadership during the ____________.

34.  On average, how many committees does a senator
serve on?

35.  The basic __________ arises from the
mismatch of individual and group incentives.

36.  When is legislative staff most likely to
be influential?

37.  Which of the following lays out the
Congressional chambers’ responsibilities concerning overseeing the bureaucracy,
declaring war, regulating interstate commerce, raising and supporting armies, and
writing laws

38.  The 2012 reelection rates of 86 percent in
the House and 84 percent in the Senate are an illustration of which benefit for
a sitting politician?

39.  A special joint committee created to
reconcile differences in bills passed by the House and Senate is called a(n)
__________ committee.

40.  Which minority has the largest presence
in Congress?

41.  The number of elected officials in the
House of Representatives for each state is based on which of the following?

42.  Packing and cracking both draw district lines
to the favor of the majority party, and thus, are two types of __________.

43.  Individuals’ incentives can lead them to
avoid taking actions that are best for the group as a whole. This phenomenon is
known as which of the following?

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