Analytic Paper – Voices of Freedom

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Directions: Please write a 3 page response to the following question. Responses should be typed in Times New Roman or Cambria, 12 point font, double spaced, with 1 inch margins on all sides.

In his preface to the Voices of Freedom document reader, Eric Foner notes that “Freedom is not a fixed, timeless category with a single unchanging definition. Rather, the history of the United States is, in part, a story of debates, disagreements, and struggles over freedom.” Foner further contends that the documents “reflect how Americans at different points in history have defined freedom as an overarching idea, or have understood its many dimensions, including political, religious, economic, and personal freedom.” Read each of the following documents in Voices of Freedom:

– Doc. 95 – Petition of the Freedmen to Andrew Johnson
– Doc. 101 – Carnegie, the Gospel of Wealth
– Doc. 107 – The Populist Platform
– Doc. 115 – Gilman, Women & Economics
– Doc. 125 – Debs, Speech to the Jury

After reading each document in its entirety, first establish the historical context in which the author wrote, then comment on how each author defines freedom given the historical circumstances. You should include at least one supporting quotation to support your contention. (cite using in-text citations: Voices of Freedom, 268). Next, compare and contrast the authors’ definitions of freedom and comment on how the definition of freedom has changed over time from the Progressive Era through World War II. Again, be sure to include relevant contextual information so that your reader understands what was going on in the United States at the time that each document was written. (cite your Give Me Liberty textbook for this information. Give Me Liberty, 222) Discuss how and why the definition of freedom changed throughout the early years of the 20th century.

Mechanical Requirements:

– Paper should have a clear introduction with thesis statement that gives an overview of how the definition of freedom changed over time.
– Paper should have a conclusion summarizing the significance of the changing definition of freedom in American history.
– 3 page minimum, 4 page maximum (this means at least 3 FULL – TO THE BOTTOM – pages)
– Typed – 12 point font, TImes New Roman or Cambria
– 1 inch margins on all sides
– Double spaced
– Please write in the THIRD person (no “I” or “you”)
– Introduce all quotes with your own analysis – they should flow seamlessly as part of your sentence.
– Write in past tense
– Use active voice
– Cite assigned course materials only !!

Foner, E. (2014). Give me liberty!: An American history. New York: W.W. Norton & Co.

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