Cruelty Goodness Strategies Survival Morality

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“Cruelty to Goodness” Please respond to the following:

Explain at least three ethical principles that you follow and believe should be followed by all others. Provide a rationale for your views.

Discuss your agreement or disagreement with Hallie’s views on the definition of cruelty and the opposite of cruelty that he explained in his essay, “From Cruelty to Goodness.”

Discuss an example in the last 100 years in which a person or group of people, at the risk of their own safety, stood up for innocent, powerless victims against the prevailing view of society and / or government.

“Strategies for Survival and Morality” Please respond to the following:

Consider the methods prisoners of the Russian Gulags survived as identified by Applebaum. Determine which one or more of the methods you believe you would most likely take if you were in a prison such as described in Applebaum’s “Strategies for Survival.” Provide a rationale for your views.

Analyze Royce’s statement: “The realization of one’s neighbor, in the full sense of the word realization, is indeed the resolution to treat him as if he were real, that is, to treat him unselfishly.” Discuss at least three ways you believe this view should affect our treatment of people next door, a few blocks away, and / or in another town.

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