Grand Canyon University Social Cognitive Theory Brochure & Reflection Paper

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Part 1: Brochure

For this assignment, you will create a brochure for future teachers explaining four major educational philosophies based on well-researched and documented information.

In 50-100 words each, describe the major tenets of each educational philosophy and how each affect teaching, learning, and the student.

In addition, choose one major theorist from the following list and in 250-500 words, summarize his or her major contributions to early childhood education on the last page of the brochure.









Part 2: Reflection

In 250-500 words, explain how educational philosophies are engrained in educational theory. Discuss how philosophies and theories are connected and how they will be used in future instruction that affect teaching, learning, and the student.

Support your writing with 3-5 scholarly resources.

Submit the brochure and reflection as one deliverable.

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