350 word forum post topic international relations: simulation project, history homework help

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Here are the details for the topic: please review the simulationchechnya.doc. This provides an overview of what our 3 week simulation will look like. For this week we begin by introducing ourselves and by becoming familiar with the conflict.

To do:

  • Each student will select a specific role. There will be no duplicated and there needs to be at least 4 Russians and four Chechens.
  • Introduce yourself and please discuss – while in character – the cause of the conflict in Chechyna.

The roles for this simulation are found in the case study, The Use of Force in Chechnya: An Exploration through Track-Two Diplomacy.

I will attach the pdf. The role is for Garan Sureyev with his bio found on page 46. I need assistance with the introduction as Garan and his in character cause of the conflict of Chechyna.


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