what domestic issues does President Bush also address?, history response help

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  • Although most of this speech focuses on Iraq and Kuwait, what domestic issues does President Bush also address? How are those issues linked to the situation in Iraq?
    • The main domestic issue that was mentioned in this speech was the Unites States’ fiscal deficit, a projected $232 billion. This deficit is due to the higher oil prices, which is link to the hostage of oil in the Middle East. In addition, increase in spending for the defense department for military in the Persian Gulf is adding to the deficit. Therefore, the major domestic problem is stem by international involvement. The main objective for the domestic problem is to find a way to reduce the national debt.  
  • Which counties does Bush identify specifically as working closely with the United States? Why might he focus on these countries?
    • One of the main country Bush identify specifically as to working closely with the U.S. is the Soviet Union. Bush specifically mentions the Soviet Union because it shows that the world, even with its different political views, deem the actions of Hussein condemnable. Therefore, the U.S. and Soviet Union are will to work together, along with other United Nations countries, to force the withdrawal of Iraq from Kuwait.
    • Other countries that were mentioned briefly were Saudi Arabia, Kuwait. the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Egypt. This counties are close neighbors to Kuwait and Iraq. For the American people to know that neighboring countries support American troops means that they, too, condemn the actions of Iraq and hope to find peace in the region. It also brings reassurance to the American people that the troops overseas are being cared for, not only by the U.S. but the world.
  • Ultimately, according to Bush, why is intervention in Kuwait necessary? 
    • The intervention in Kuwait was necessary, according to Bush, because we live in a time and place where the world cannot allow a stronger country to overtake a weaker country. World peace should be achieved and the actions of Iraq violates the trust and harmony that is being created.
    • Another reason for the intervention is because if Iraq takes country of Kuwait, twenty percent of the oil reserves will belong to Iraq. The control of that amount of oil will give Iraq economic and military power to further attack other neighboring countries. Also, the loss of the oil reserves would cost an economic crisis in the United States and oil prices increase. This will slow the market and cause an increase in the national debt. Therefore, intervention is needed.

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