University of Texas at Arlington Patriots Went Through Civic Engagement Essay

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You may only use materials assigned in this course for your essay (we have vetted all the materials utilized in this course, other materials may not be appropriate or accurate). If you use outside sources your grade will be docked.

During the mid 18th Century, English colonists appealed to the metropole for redress of various grievances. In this essay, I want you to consider the ethics and civics of those seeking change (later known to us as the Patriots). Who were these Patriots? What methods did they use to further their goals through civic engagement? What ethical considerations did they take into account in seeking redress of their grievances? Did the new United States (under either the Articles or Constitution) address their grievances?

Prompt broken down:

English colonists reached out to the home base in London – they were unhappy with their situation and wanted solutions. You must consider who was upset (the patriots) and why? How did they try and further their goals – consider ethics and civic engagement (what was their process for addressing their grievances) –


Did the Articles of Confederation or the Constitution address their concerns?

Note 1: Successful responses will consider a broad range of evidence in support of arguments. Take a few moments to consider how you would respond by making a list of both “ethics” and “civics” related to the colonists and their grievances. Be sure to have a mixture of big/broad ideas and specific/detailed evidence in your argument. Follow the RULE OF THREE! Focus on CITATIONS and PRIMARY and SECONDARY sources.

examples of intros (if you use these exact intros in your paper, you will receive a ZERO):

In the 1800’s the people of America were unsettled and unhappy. The colonists, later

known as the Patriots, vied for the metropole’s respect and attention, wanting the same rights,

responsibilities, and voice as the citizens in Britain had themselves. This ultimately led to the

American Revolution and the establishment of the Constitution of the United States. There were

multiple events that played key parts before, at the beginning, and during the Revolution that

included both ethical and civic engagements. These included the Great Awakening, the Sugar,

Currency, Stamp, and Tea Acts and the Coercive Acts.

In the Eighteenth century there was a growing divide between England and the American

colonies that were under it. Grievances such as unfair taxation, lack of representation in court,

and virtual representation were some examples of the growing issues felt by the Colonists. As

grievances grew, the Colonists soon turned towards rebellion. Colonists turned traitors, or

Patriots from the colonies’ perspective, used civic engagement, both ethical and unethical

principles, and created a new government system to fix said grievances.

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