I need help with a 2-3 page report om the election of 1848

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This assignment is due for me Wednesday April 6th 11:59pm  

Go online to learn as much as you can about the election of 1848.

  1. Tell me all about the controversy surrounding the Democratic convention (Barnburners vs. Hunkers) and the nominee for the party, Lewis Cass? What did he stand for (what did he campaign for)?
  2. Tell me all about the formation of the “Free Soil” party, the first significant third-party in American political history. Who did they nominate for President, and what were his “qualifications” (his political background)?
  3. Tell me who the Whigs nominated for their candidate, and what he stood for (what did he campaign for)?

Finally, tell me anything you can about the actual campaign, including who won, and why was this an important political campaign historically?

Two to three pages.


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