HIS1112 Troy University Us History Since 1877 Discussion

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1. Identify three events from the time period of our course,”U.S. History Since 1877″, and briefly explain the events that you chose.

2.Carry out a scavenger hunt to find three events that occurred in the time period of U.S. History to 1877, that are directly related to the ones you chose for “since 1877” events and discuss briefly.

3. Provide a supporting argument that explains why the three events you chose from U.S. History to 1877 are related to the three from U.S. History since 1877.

Keep in mind that your Scavenger Hunt 2 write up must consist of four paragraphs. For this class a paragraph consists of three sentences. Any ideas or words borrowed from other peoples’ work must be documented with a formal reference to the original author, to give this person credit for their ideas you borrow and use in your discussion forum response. Also you must cite the references you use following APA style, and include a reference list at the end of your response post. Your original Substantive Scavenger Hunt Response post for the assigned

Scavenger Hunt questions, and your response post to classmates’ posts

must enhance to ongoing discussion by provide insights, information, and

knowledge resulting from your research. It must be at least six sentences

in length.

Ideas need to be expressed in a clear, and coherent manner using proper

grammar, spelling and good writing form, references for materials used or

quoted must be cited following APA style.

If you use words or ideas from an author’s work, or paraphrase them, cite

them at the end of the sentence where you use them (i.e., last name, date of

source; example, Mihal. 2014).

A reference list of sources (using APA format), used in your Scavenger

Hunt Response Post, must be provided at the end of your posts.

I can send pictures of my textbook for answers


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