Commercial hunting turned into subsistence hunting, assignment help

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Which of the following changes affected interior Native Americans during the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries?

  1. Commercial hunting turned into subsistence hunting.
  2. Trade goods such as iron implements, firearms and ammunition, and alcohol altered ways of life among interior Native Americans.
  3. Native Americans largely accepted views of White superiority, allowing English missionaries to convert them easily to British ways of life.
  4. Centralized leadership gave way to an emphasis on village loyalties.

Which of the following was a feature of northern colonial farming communities?

In the early years of these communities, most people within them were either very rich or very poor.

Northern colonial farming was more intense than Southern colonial farming.

Soils in New England were much richer than soils in the middle colonies.

By the eighteenth century, widespread property ownership and rising population created a limited land supply that drove many New Englanders to the frontier or to other areas.

Dutch settlement in North America was centralized in the colony of New Netherland, which is presently the state of _______.


New York

North Carolina


Which of the following was not one of the factors that encouraged European expansionism?

Renaissance culture encouraged exploration.

Europeans wished to circumvent overland Muslim traders by finding an Eastern oceanic route to Asia.

Europeans wanted to do away with the African gold trade.

Improvements in navigational instruments, mapmaking, and ship design aided sailors.

Which of the following was not a prominent issue with which the new American republic struggled as part of its peacetime agenda following the War for American Independence?

demobilizing the army

opening the west

wrestling with the national economic surplus

surviving in a hostile world

Which of the following was not an issue that the American army faced during the War for American Independence?

While state militias were effective at fighting, they were not good for recruiting.

High desertion levels occurred.

Shortages of supplies occurred.

Camp followers like prostitutes and con men complicated army life.

Slaves, urban laborers, backcountry farmers, evangelicals, and women were all groups who took part in the colonial struggle with England.



Which of the following was not part of the Revolutionary Republicanism political ideology of the 1760s and 1770s?

The legislative acts of the British government in the decade after the Stamp Act appeared to be a subversion of English liberties.

Luxury was a cause for social concern.

Property played no role in giving a man the independence to shape his identity.

Resistance to England would return American society to civic virtue and godly purpose.

Which of the following was NOT a major source of political conflict that the newly established American republic needed to address following the War for American Independence?

deciding on the proper relationship between church and state

how to pay off the states’ debt from the war

the place of slavery in a republican society

threats by southern states to secede from the Union

Which of the following was a characteristic of the family life of slaves in the English colonies?

Most English colonies passed laws encouraging slave marriages.

Children usually stayed with their fathers until the age of eight, at which time they were usually sold and torn away from their families.

White masters and overseers sexually exploited black women, producing mixed-race children.

Because of the many obstacles, slaves almost never fashioned intimate ties among husbands and wives or parents and children.

Anti-Federalists placed much more emphasis on local government than Federalists.



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