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  • What is the basis of the opposition to the Brown decision as expressed in this document? 
    • Prejudice, racism and abuse of judicial power is the basis for the opposition of the Brown decision. They did not want to integrate the schools felt the rights of the states were violated. They claim that segregation of the schools was under the control of the states and its people, not the federal government. It was a clear example, to the opposition, that the judicial branch had infringe on the right and power of the state. 
  • According to the manifesto, whose power would the federal government usurp by implementing Brown? 
    • According to the manifesto, the federal government was usurping the power of the states by implementing Brown. It states that the decision in how their education was ran is controlled by the state and its people. 
  • What role did “habits,” “customs,” and “traditions” play in the arguments presented in the document? 
    • The arguments using the phrase “habit,” “customs,” and “traditions,” indicate that segregation is normal and has been part of the everyday lives of the people in the state. It is assumed that a change in the “habits” and “traditions” would lead to uncivil times between blacks and white. In addition, the use of these words also pointed out that the Constitution and the fourteenth amendment does not mention public education. Therefore it has been customary and in tradition of the past that schools be segregated. 

 agree with this statement minimum 150 words.

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