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Unit 8 Nationalism

  • What was the point of the Crimean War?
  • How did Germany and Italy come into existence?

Unit 9 Imperialism

  • Why did Britain expand its overseas empire in the nineteenth century?
  • Why were African societies susceptible to European control?

Unit 10 The Great War

  • Why were Germany and England the major players in the drama of the summer of 1914?
  • Why did nobody stop the rush to war in 1914?

Unit 11 Russian Revolution

  • Why were the Bolsheviks able to triumph in the civil war in Russia?
  • What factors promoted the collapse of the autocracy in Russia in February 1917?

Unit 12 World War II

  • How did World War II differ from the Great War?
  • How do you explain why the genocide carried out by Nazi Germany occurred?

Unit 13 Cold War

  • How did the Cold War begin and how did it encompass the entire world?
  • What caused the outbreak of hostilities in Korea?

Unit 14 Decolonization

  • What were some of the common features experienced by countries of the “Developing World” since 1945?
  • Why did South Asian leaders insist on the partition of the subcontinent?

Unit 15 Final Exam

  • What were some of the common features experiences by countries of the “Developed World?”
  • What is globalization?

Unit 16 Twenty-First Century World

  • How have technology developments shaped the modern world?
  • What is human progress?

For each question, please answer in a long paragraph. Thanks!


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