Strangers to these Shores by Vince Parillo, history homework help

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Answer the follow questions with complete sentence

Chapter 5-8

What is cultural pluralism? Give some specific examples. What factors aroused dominant-group antagonism against the new comers? Is this still occurring today? Give examples. In what ways has little changed in the exploitation of American Indian? How did the Chinese immigrants of the late 19th century respond to hostility and discrimination?

Chapter 9-12

Why do differences in economic power between non-Western immigrants and earlier immigrants make assimilation less necessary now than before? What similarities exist among the experiences of Black Americans, Native Americans and Asian Americans in the US? A common criticism of Hispanic Americans centers on their not assimilating. Based on the materials in this chapter do you agree or disagree and why? (Chapter 11) Discuss the role of religion in present-day U.S. culture.

Chapter 13-15

What new insights did you gain from reading this chapter? Did anything surprise you? How do conflicting values about equality and morality impact the issues of homosexuality? What struck your interest in this chapters and why?

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