History: U.S. Constitution Questions

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Before you begin this Discussion, be sure that you’ve read the assigned chapter and the U.S. Constitution (it is on the Module  page for Week 8, Section 8.2; Look for it.)

Please answer the following questions in your initial and follow-up posts. In your answers, be sure that you USE (reference and cite) those parts of the assigned readings that support your general points.

In particular, reference the famous document itself — the U.S. Constitution — wherever possible to strengthen your answers. If Evidence is the Heart of History, the Constitution is that Evidence for this assignment.

This is important.

  1. How did the framers of the Constitution balance the competing claims of local self-government, sectional interests, and national authority? Refer to the document itself.
  2. The Constitution did not give freedom and citizens’ rights to all. Who became full-fledged members of the American people, entitled to the blessings of liberty? Fully explain what criteria were used and who was excluded from membership.
  3. Explain the arguments of those who opposed the Federalists and their attempt to vote down the Constitution. How did they define liberty and what role did they see government having in protecting that liberty?
  4. If the constitution were fully revised today — or even abolished — how do you believe it would be revised and by whom? Would some parts of the country seek major changes while others would not? Why or why not? Finally — who would seek to abolish it and what would they put in its place. Though this question might seem lighthearted and the answers obvious, question your first assumptions and dig deeper.  Good luck.

Please write the question and answer right below. Also, cite within the questions. I will send you the chapter related to this assignment and please cite like so: (Foner, [page #]). The author of the book’s chapter I’ll be sending is Foner.


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