HIST115 Cause of Lynching Is Black Crime & Permission to Hate Essay

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Extra Credit Assignment #2 (two sections): Read “The Fundamental Cause of Lynching Is Black Crime” by Thomas Nelson Page, “The Fundamental Cause of Lynching Is White Racism” by Mary Church Terrell, and “Permission to Hate: Delaware, Lynching, and the Culture of Violence in America” by Yohuru Williams. In a well-written essay of at least 2 pages, answer the following questions. According to Williams, what social, economic and political forces fueled lynching in the South between 1882 and 1920? In what ways were these forces evident in the violence that struck Wilmington, Delaware, in 1903? What factors would Thomas Nelson Page argue accounted for the lynching and violence in Delaware? How might Mary Church Terrell respond to those charges?

Extra Credit Assignment #3: Read “It Don’t Mean a Thing if It Ain’t Got that Harlem Swing: Social Dance and the Harlem Renaissance” in Constant Struggle (Williams 437). Watch Swing, Bop and Hand Dance (on reserve at the library). In a well-written essay (at least 2 pages) discuss the role of social dance during the period of the Harlem/Black Renaissance. How were African Americans able to utilize dance as a means of redefining their lives in this period? How does social dance define a community—be specific? Why is the Lindy Hop an important part of American history?


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