Christianity in the Roman Empire, history homework help

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1.Describe the connections between the
growing power of Christianity and the political reconfiguration of the
Roman Empire. What was the appeal of Christianity in the Roman Empire?

Describe the process through which an expanding Islam fostered an
agricultural revolution. What crops and cultivation techniques were

3.Describe how the Song dynasty
reacted to the military strength of its nomadic pastoral neighbors. How
did these relationships foster a distinct Chinese identity?

Explain how the Black Death, or bubonic plague, spread throughout
Afro-Eurasia. What human activity facilitated its diffusion?

6.Describe how Brahmanism (Vedic religion) evolved into Hinduism? What factors contributed to this development?

Analyze the impact of the spread of Islam on Afro-Asian societies. How
did the large Islamic empire shape the movement of peoples, ideas,
innovations, and commodities across the vast landmass?

the cultural diversity within the Islamic world during this era. How
did diverse Islamic communities achieve a uniform regional identity?

Describe the Empire of the Mongols created 13th century how did the
policies promote greater contact among the various regions of

12.Describe the goals of the Ming dynasty’s maritime exhibitions. Why did the government later abandon them?

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