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For this assignment, we will utilize a discussion forum, and we will devote some time discussing some of the themes and topics from the murals of San Diego’s iconic Chicano Park. After we observe the Chicano Park film during the 11th week of the semester, each of you will then select one of the murals and provide a thoughtful and thorough discussion of that mural. I will provide more details on what you need to discuss in just a few moments, but first let me provide you with some nuts-and-bolts details about posting your observations.In terms of the content of your discussion, I am looking for two main points of discussion. First, you should devote some time to describe your mural. In other words, what is your mural, and who is the artist? What is the subject material of the mural? When was the mural created? What colors are used in the mural, and what is the scenery? What part of Chicano Park is the mural located?

And for the second point of discussion, please analyze the significance of the mural and what you think it symbolizes in the context of Latin American or Chicano history, and consider these questions: For example, what do you think is the artist’s purpose for the mural? What are your reactions to the mural? What do you think the mural says about the society at the time the mural was created? How does the mural fit in with the wider context of Latin American history and culture? If you were an artist, would you create a mural like this?

Below is a nearly-complete list of the murals at the park, including the title, artists, and the year of the mural’s creation. I will continue to add to this list until the end of April. Once you notify me of the mural you wish to analyze, I will write your name next to the name of the mural. Any mural that’s highlighted in yellow means that an individual from the class (including el maestro) has selected the mural and as a result, it is closed for further discussion:

“Che” (1978) by Victor Ochoa

“Chicanas/Escuelas” (1978) by Yolanda López et. al.
“Chicano Park Takeover” (1978) by Guillermo Rosete et. al.
“Chicano Park/La Tierra Mia Logo” (1974) by Rico Bueno and Carlotta Hernandez
“Chicano Pinto Union” (1978) by Tony de Vargas

“Chuco/Homeboy” (1975) by Felipe Adame
“Coatlicue” (1978) by Susan Yamagata and Michael Schnorr

“Collossus” (1975) by Congreso de Artistas Chicanos en Aztlán (CACA)
“Corazón de Aztlán” (1975) by Tomás “Coyote” Castañeda
“Corazón de Aztlán Continued” (1988) by Tomás “Coyote” Castañeda

“Cosmic Clowns” (1974) by CACA

“Handball Court Mural” (1996) by Alvaro Millán and guests
“Hasta la Bahía” (1978) by Victor Ochoa
“Hecho en Aztlán” (2000) by Victor Ochoa and Talent Search Students
“Huelga Eagle” (1978) by Raúl Espinosa and Michael Schnorr
“I Am Somebody (Poem by Joann Little)” (1975) by Sal Barajas

“Inlakesh” (1975) by Juanishi Orosco and the Royal Chicano Air Force

“La Flecha” (1997) by Mario Torero
“Leyes-La Familia” (1975) by Jose Montoya
“Liberación” (1997) by Maricela Romo
“Los Grandes” (1978) by Victor Ochoa and Renovation Team
“Marcha” (1996) by Victor Ochoa et. al.

“A Mexican History” (1978) by Victor Ochoa and students
“Mi Raza Primero (A Tribute to Roger Lucero)” (1993) by Mario Torero et. al.

“Mural in Chicana Park” (1997) by Berenice Badillo
“Nascimiento de Parque Chicano/Astrological Mural” (1978) by Dolores Serrano
“No Retrofitting” (1995) by Mario Torero and Karmen Kalo

“Virgen de Guadalupe” (1978) by Mario Torero and the Lomas Youth Crew
“Voz Libre: P.H. González” (1984) by Michael Schnorr et. al.
“We Saved the Murals” (1997) by Mario Torero et. al.

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