“State Formation in Africa”, history homework help

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600 words per question. 600 for Harlem Renaissance and 600 for State Formation. 1200 words altogether but not limited to. Use in text citations. MLA format.

I attached the articles below.

Discuss the role of the environment (geographical location) in the emergence of the Egyptian civilization.

Using two African empires as case studies, discuss the role of long distance trade in the emergence and growth of the western Sudanese polities (kingdoms and empires).

With reference to four polities, discuss four factors that aided the process of state formation in Africa before A.D. 1880 (one factor for a polity)

For this question, use a different polity (state, empire or kingdom) for illustrating how each of the four factors you selected helped a state to emerge.

Factors that aided in State Formation in Africa before A.D. 1880:

Geographical location/environment / Cultural homogeneity / Political organization / Economy / Agriculture / Trade/Commerce / Leadership (specific rulers) / Military / Technology (e.g., iron technology) / Migration (spread of ideas and technology)


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