Jewish Holy Days Worksheet

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Part One

the template with
information from Jewish Holy Days. Identify at least seven Jewish religious
holy days and place each holy day in the correct season (time of year) as studied
in the course.

Part Two

Write a 1- to 2-paragraph response for
each of the following.

Describe the three major sections of the Jewish
bible. Include its estimated date of
being written and what is contained in each section.

Describe the major similarities and differences
between the four branches of Judaism (Orthodox, Conservative, Reform,
Reconstructionist). How are these four groups distinct from one another?

Part Three

Write a 350-
to 500-word paper on one of the Jewish holy days. Explain the historical
origin, the time of year it is celebrated, important Jewish religious practices
associated with the day and any theological or cultural differences in
observance of the holy day by various branches of Judaism. Format your response
consistent with APA guidelines.

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