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World View Chart Assignments

A world view is a fundamental or basic orientation of thinking –
like a mindset – which guides a culture and / or a person’s life. Like a point
of view, it can be built of concepts, ideas, values, emotions, and ethics. Weltanschauung
is the German word for this idea. Your goal for this course is to understand
the world views of these various religions. In order to prepare you for your
final assignment, you will outline the world views of various religions in the
chart below, adding to it each week.

For this assignment, students will complete the weekly area of
the chart, filling in the aspects of each religion as it is presented in the
readings and resources.

For each weekly submission:

  1. Review the weekly
    lectures and supplemental materials provided, then complete the chart by
    elaborating on each section related to the weekly content.

  2. Identify key details
    and examples from the weekly resources to serve as a basis for the content
    being recorded in your chart.

  3. Write clearly and
    coherently using correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and mechanics.

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Cosmogony – Origin of the Universe

Nature of God

View of Human Nature

View of Good and Evil

View of “Salvation”

View of After Life

Practices and Rituals

Celebrations and Festivals

Week 2
Hinduism and Jainism

Week 3

Week 4
Daoism and

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10
New Religious Movements

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this
assignment are:

  • Analyze what is meant
    by religion.

  • Analyze the
    similarities and differences in the primary beliefs held by major religious
    traditions and the cultures in which these religions evolved.

  • Describe the varieties
    of religious experience and practice in a wide range of cultures.

  • Recognize how daily
    life within various religions and current affairs are influenced by religion.

  • Use technology and
    information resources to research issues in religion.

  • Write clearly and
    concisely about world religions using proper writing mechanics.

World View Chart Assignments

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