Personal Narratives of African Americans in Philadelphia, history homework help

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Assignment 9: Personal Narratives of African-Americans in Philadelphia

In this assignment, choose a personal narrative of an African-American in Philadelphia from among the many featured in the Goin’ North website: (Links to an external site.)

Read the person’s oral history (it is text-searchable so you can search for terms) and answer the following questions regarding the oral history you have chosen.

1) What is the name of the person you chose.  Provide a brief description of the person.

2) What is the title of the chapter you are responsible for this week?  There are a few primary sources present in the chapter; find a primary source and discuss why it might be important to better understand the period. 

3) How did the Civil Rights Movement impact this person?  If you had lived during this time period, how might the Civil Rights Movement or some of the other events described in Chapter 27 impact you?

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