Please respond to the following HUM 111 Discussion Week 7 Extra Credit Opportunity

Extra Credit Worksheet:Scavenger Hunt: 10 Points Possible

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This assignment is meant to help you start to notice the influence of ancient and historical architecture and sculptural traditions in our modern, everyday lives.

You will take selfie-photos of architecture and sculpture elements from your day-to-day life that displays clear influence from the ancient and historical architectural elements and sculptural traditions we have discussed in class. A camera is required to complete this assignment.

You will complete the worksheet below by embedding your digital photos of sculpture and architecture next to the corresponding terms. Your answer must show an understanding of the term to receive credit.

Basic Requirements:

You must have 5 different photos answering 5 different questions in the worksheet below to earn full credit. Each answer is worth 2 points (5 x 2pts = 10pts).

You must be in the photos! Have someone help take the photograph, or take a “selfie” picture.You should answer at least five of the questions—worth two points each


1.) Find an example of relief sculpture.

(Make sure your photo clearly shows this sculpture is relief – displaying both the flatness and the sculptural protrusions!)


2.) Find an example of a life-sized (or larger) statue, similar to the sculptural
figures from Ancient Greece and Rome in our lessons.

(Make sure your photo displays a statue or sculpture of a person – no animals, objects, plants, or abstract sculptures!
Also make sure your statue is life-sized or larger – no figurines or toys!)


3.) Find an example of an Ionic column used on a building.

(Make sure the details – especially at the capital (top) of the column – are clearly visible to answer the question!)


4.) Find an example of a Corinthian column used on a building.

(Make sure the details – especially at the capital (top) of the column – are clearly visible to answer the question!)


5.) Find an example of sculpture that displays the Classical draping of fabric,
similar to the draping of fabric in Ancient Greek statuary.

(Make sure your photo clearly shows the details of the draped fabric in the sculpture.)


6.) Find an example of a round arch used on a building.

(Make sure your arch is round, like the Roman round arch – a nearly perfect half circle!)


7.) Find an example of a dome used on a building.

(Your dome does not have to be perfectly round like the Romans built their dome, but make sure the dome is clearly visible!)


8.) Find an example of a pointed arch used on a building.

(Make sure your pointed arch is shaped like a Gothic pointed arch – compare to examples in the book if needed!)


9.) Find an example of a decorative stained-glass window used on a building.

(Make sure the decorative elements can be seen in your photo – without the details it will look like a regular window!)


The Consistency of Military Policy

Discuss the evolution of presidential power in military affairs and explain the fundamental elements that dictate the use of American armed forces abroad. Indicate how these elements are affected by public opinion

Short answer to each of the questions about the image

Click to view larger image.

  1. How does Gast explain the conquest of the West by white Americans?
  2. What elements of Indian–white relations does the artist leave out?

Georgia Gwinnett College Hamilton Financial Plan Discussion

For this discussion, you will adopt the perspective of two competing parties–the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans–on the question of Alexander Hamilton’s Financial Plan. In your initial posting, you will adopt the perspective of either the Federalists or the Democratic-Republicans and explain why……. they either supported or opposed Hamilton’s proposal.

Initial Post:

Your initial posting will have two parts.

For Part 1, you must write at least one paragraph describing and explaining the three components of Hamilton’s Financial Plan. What were the three elements Hamilton outlined? What was their purpose? Why did Hamilton think they were essential to the survival of the republic?

For Part 2, you will be assigned either the Federalist or Democratic-Republican perspective on Hamilton’s proposed changes. As we have seen in our readings, not everyone agreed with Hamilton on the necessity of the economic changes proposed in his Financial Plan.

— Why did the Democratic-Republicans oppose Hamilton’s Financial Plan?

Each of these paragraphs should be at least 6-7 sentences in length.

Response to classmate:

Your response should approach the argument from the opposite perspective. This will mean choosing a post from someone who originally wrote from the same perspective as you. In your response to that person, you will argue against their perspective.

Classmate post:

Hamilton wanted the national government to assume state debts. By doing this, the states would be tied to the federal government and also be subservient to it. His financial plan consisted of three things. The first was the central government’s assumption of the state’s war debts to increase national unity and the legitimacy of the government. The second was the creation of Bank of the United States to ensure a more stable, common currency for the new nation. The third was to create a protectionist policy that included the central government subsidizing local manufacturers and enacting heavy tariffs on imports in order to stimulate American industry.

As a federalist, it only makes sense that his financial plan would be in our favor. We wanted to ensure the solvency of the United States and national unity. Hamilton supported a national bank which would ensure a stable economic system, which would encourage investment by wealthy Americans and those abroad. This investment could be used to develop the industrial base of the United States. He also supported strong tariffs to support American manufacturing as well. This is why we supported his financial plan.

Enlightenment and Revolution (1550-1789), history homework help

Analyzing Issues

How did the U.S. Constitution reflect the ideas of the Enlightenment? Refer to specific Enlightenment thinkers to support your answer. Write an extended response with at least 100 words.

Discuss the role of education as a problem or an effective solution to issues facing people who are perceived as “non-Western.”

write a few sentences:

Discuss the role of education as a problem or an effective solution to issues facing people who are perceived as “non-Western.”

Chapter 22, Fighting for the Four Freedoms: World War II, 1941-1945, history homework help

Watch “WWII: America a History of Us” posted in this folder, watch
Podcasts 3 & 6 posted in this folder, and read Ch. 22 of “Give Me
Liberty” before considering the question. Be sure to cite specific
evidence from the textbook and videos and also consider comments of your
peers in your reply.

Many have called WWII “the last good war” and debated whether the
U.S.’s entry into the conflict met the requirements of Just War Theory
(for more information on just war theory, please see: For a war to be considered just it has to meet the following criteria:

1. Just cause: a nation must enter war in self-defense or for other reasons that uphold justice.

2. Right intention: the outcome of the war must ensure that justice
is attained and there can be no ulterior motives like racial or ethnic
hatred and/or land grabbing.

3. Proper authority & public declaration: the war must be decided
upon and declared by the proper authorities in the state in accordance
with the nation’s laws. The declaration also must be made public against
the opposing nation.

4.Last Resort: a nation must first exhaust all diplomatic and peaceful means by which the conflict can possibly be resolved.

5. Probability of Success: war should only be initiated if it has a
good likelihood of success since it causes harm and destruction.

6. Proportionality: the universal good that a state can potentially
gain from war must outweigh the universal evil incurred by all of war’s
participants, especially loss of human life.

In your original post, answer the following questions: Judging from
this theory, do you think that the U.S.’s decision to enter the war AND
its involvement in WWII both abroad and at home conform with Just War
Theory? Why or why not? Were there any actions that fell short of these

For your reply, read your classmates’ original posts and make sure
that they have thoroughly considered both the US’s entry into and
involvement in WWII. How did the US interact with European powers who
were at war? What about US interactions with Japan? How did US military
campaigns conform with Just War Theory? What about domestic policy

—-Make sure to cite (below) in both posts as directed on the syllabus.

Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty!. 4th ed. Vol. 2. New York: W.W.
Norton, 2014. Print.

Foner, Eric. Voices of Freedom.
4th ed. Vol. 2. New York: W.W. Norton, 2014. Print

The Presidency, journal writing assignment help

The Presidency

News Journal Written Assignment:

News Journals require you to relate current events to the topics covered within POS 2041, American National Government. For
this Journal you will select your own article. The article you select
will determine your success on this Journal. The article must be about
The President, and illustrate a concept discussed in your textbook. The
news article you select must itself be at least 4 paragraphs in length
and come from a major, national news source.

For a list of sources and search possibilities please go the Media tab, on the POS 2041 Lib page. Create your Journal meeting the criteria we have been using and addressing each of the elements below.

  1. Summary – Summarize in paragraph form
    the facts and issues presented in the article. Please document the
    source of your information with a parenthetical reference.
  2. Application – Apply one or more
    concepts from your textbook to the information in the news article.
    Specifically explain how the material in your textbook is illustrated in
    the article you are examining. This can be accomplished by using
    examples from the article and terms or concepts found in the textbook.
  3. Analysis – Provide an analysis that
    identifies the perspective presented in the article and compare it to
    your understanding of principles of the Constitution of the United
    States including the delegated or inherent powers of the president or
    the roles of the president.

Please specifically identify each section by number and title.

essay should be between 300 and 500 words, double-spaced and in APA
format, with parenthetical citations and a Reference List. A cover page
is not necessary.

Signnature Essay for US history to 1865

During the mid 18th Century, English colonists appealed to the metropole for redress of various grievances. In this essay, I want you to consider the ethics and civics of those seeking change (later known to us as the Patriots). Who were these Patriots? What methods did they use to further their goals through civic engagement? What ethical considerations did they take into account in seeking redress of their grievances? Did the new United States (under either the Articles or Constitution) address their grievances?

Looking at the plaque from Benin which represents a Warrior Chief Flanked by War, history homework help

Looking at the plaque from Benin which represents a Warrior Chief Flanked by Warriors and Attendants, discuss how the presentation of the individuals on the plaque relate to hierarchy at the royal court and the glorification of Benin kingship.