What are the departments or subdivisions into which your selected organization is divided, and how do these subdivisions work together as a whole in relation to the mission of the organization?

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A. What are the departments or subdivisions into which your selected organization is divided, and how do these subdivisions work together as a whole in relation to the mission of the organization?

Office of Programs and Re-entry is an organization that focuses on leadership alongside rehabilitative programs ensuring better lives within the community. The organization is divided into four central departments that work together to achieve a common goal. The first department is the Bureau of program development which focuses on the various designs and implementation of risks and needs assessment tools. It also implements other processes and policies key to the restoration alongside rehabilitation of justice to the affected individual within the surrounding.

The second is the department Bureau of Education, which deals with academic and career issues, including technical education and library services (Bell et al., 2018). The third department is the Bureau of Substance Use Treatment which is helpful in dealing with services assisting in the transition period between incarceration and the return to society. The other department is the Bureau of Chaplaincy services dealing with spiritual matters on inmates and offenders. The last department is volunteering with the FDC to assist in a rewarding experience for the citizens. All the departments work together to achieve the organizational goal and mission in leadership and rehabilitation programs that assist the community. Every department has strict policies that make it possible to ensure that it helps the organization achieve its mission.

B. Describe your selected subdivision, and outline the specific goals and responsibilities of the subdivision, describing how they align with the overall mission of the agency. Consider how the goals of the selected subdivision align with the mission of the agency.

The correction officers have a specific function: protecting the community by leading and supervising offenders and reporting the individual who has failed to comply with the regulations to sentencing. Alongside the organizational mission, the correction subdivision has its designed mission. Its mission is to deliver effective service to the community by service diligently while collaborating with other agencies of the criminal justice community (Bell et al., 2018). As such, it serves the community without violating their rights. The detention department ensures people’s safety within the community by protecting the surrounding society in various ways, such as establishing safe, secure, and human supervision. It also provides the confinement of inmates by making them follow the law without violation.

However, the subdivision is faced with challenges like the overpopulation of inmates. The inmates are flocked within the organization, thus posing a challenge of how to deal with them (Karthaus, Block & Hu, 2019). Inmates have different characters; hence, when populated in a given place, they create problems within the organization’s premise. The other challenge is budget constraints due to the increase in the population of inmates. When the number grows high, the management faces the challenge of ensuring they are fed. The last challenge is high attrition rates within the department. Such factors have resulted in outdated officer equipment, among other issues.

C. Describe the key policies in place that run your selected subdivision of the organization, explaining how these policies align with the mission of the subdivision.

The department has adopted policies to ensure that every activity is carried out without employee interference. The first policy is adequate training for the employees within the subdivision. The employees are trained to ensure they handle the inmates and other offenders strictly following the rule of law. The other policy is treating inmates as other human beings to avoid intimidation. They should be corrected peacefully to help build a better community—finally, leadership with integrity and perfect deliverance to the community based on the provided services. The policies align with the organization’s mission since they all focus on changing the community by providing better services. The rehabilitation programs must be accomplished according to the dictates of the organization.



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