week 5 presentation

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My Topic is ( representation of Mary list)

Essay Overview:
This assignment asks you to identify a work of art from the Renaissance, using the timeline indicated in the book. Your analysis must be a description of the work – using elements of design, as we have discussed in class. Be sure to include a title, the name of the artist and a date for when the work was created. Be sure to identify the work as either Southern or Northern Renaissance and explain how it either typifies or defies the conventions of the Renaissance.

Please be sure to focus on the work and not on the biological information of the artist.

Use the screen so that the whole class can view image. Identify the artist, date, place – either Northern or Southern Renaissance. Suggested topics would be to identify key characteristics of the Renaissance style, general themes and/or meanings and any significant biographical information of the artist. Recorded voice/audio is a requirement.

(for this please just write me what i need to record and i’ll record them, make ppt for me)

This is not a formal presentation – just be sure to introduce it and explain why it is interesting to you. Think of it as starting a conversation which the rest of us will finish.

This paper must be at least three (3) doubled-spaced pages, prepared with one-inch margins. 12-point font in either Times/Times New Roman must be used. MLA formatting is required. Any source must be properly cited and include a works cited page. Be advised, this submission is subject to Turn-It-In anti-plagiarism software. A failure to comply with the University’s Policy on Academic Integrity will result in the issuing of a zero and the work-in-question will then undergo a review by Student Conduct. See the Student Handbook for details.


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