The Impact of Reading in My Life , English homework help

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In the last week you helped me finish an essay. I got a high score and my tutor gave me an evaluation. You need to follow this evaluation to modify the essay, which is very simple. Thank you.

This is the evaluation:

Very nice paper–note the title should be
The Impact of Reading in My Life (notice English capital letters)
NOTE English indents every new paragraph–one Tab or five spaces so indent The act of
and later As an individual . . and the other paragraphs
in paragraph two note Through reading is too near the latter through reading–English does not like to repeat things too near each other
and comprehending, and through reading I (in English when the word and connects two complete sentences, it must have a comma in front of it.
in paragraph 3
decisions and oftentimes I tend to think
in paragraph 4
to different audiences. I have
the last page Works Cited both words have a capital letter
NOTE you have a very good paper. You almost sound like the encyclopedia—you almost do not miss one word.

This is just a simple change.

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