The Dark Side of Social Psychology

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Hi All!! These three chapters have are about how we relate to the social world around us. This of this as the Behaviorism formula turned around!! What are the Stimuli in the social wold that effect us all!

For each chapter there is a video that goes with it! Please Post the following information

How does the video match the Book Content?

How does the video match the Content from class – how does the content relate to attitudes – autobiographical reasoning , self serving bias and attribution theory.

What are we quick to judge??

Share something from your personal life or from mainstream media (like the internet that is academically generated) that supports the chapter – or does not support the chapter.

Chapter: (Links to an external site.)

Derek Sivers – How to start a movement (Links to an external site.)
Minimize Video

Chapter: (Links to an external site.)

Video : (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Two Videos: one we saw in class – (Links to an external site.)

and (Links to an external site.)

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