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1.Project Proposal

a.The purpose of this document is to provide enough information to

i. make sure that the project is appropriate for this course ensure that the scope is not too large (or too small), and,

iii.that it can be completed within the timeline of this course

b.The capstone project proposal should:

i.Provide a brief overview of the project in 900-1500 words (3 to 5 pages), typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, and using a 12 point Times New Roman font.

ii.Contain five sections: introduction, description of the problem, literature review, description of the project, and references

iii.Also include a cover page – the cover page and references page are not included in the page number for this proposal.

iv.Be written in future tense (and no first person)

c.Capstone proposals are not typically as large as research proposals, however, this resource might assist you in understanding more about how to write a proposal:,

d.While the above references may be useful in helping you form your proposal, make sure that you’re following the instructions and outline in this document.

i.Introduction. The introduction sets the tone. This is a good place to provide a little background about your proposal – what is it and why is it important? It’s also important to write succinctly and this section should be no more than a few paragraphs long. Recommended length for this section is less than 1 page.

ii.Description of the problem. This section will describe the specific problem that will be addressed by the implementation of your project. State the goals and objectives , describe the product or technology service you will provide (the development of an app), and talk about the benefit to the profession or organization for which you are producing this product. Recommended length for this section is 1 page.

iii.Literature review. This section is a brief review of all relevant literature as it relates to your project. Make sure that articles are related to your product and inform the decisions that you’ll make on this particular project. Here are some things to think about:

1.Does the literature provide supporting documentation of the problem that you’ve identified? Your project should not be based on your own assumptions or opinions. The project should be based on facts found in the literature to support the need for a solution to your problem.

2.Does the literature support the methodology you chose to address the problem? Will agile methods be needed? It’s helpful to follow a methodology like PMI so that you can wrap your arms around the steps necessary to complete the project.

3.Does the literature point to any gaps that your project might fill? If nobody has done anything like it, perhaps your project meets a need.

4.Also check to see if others have published reports on what it is you’d like to propose. If there is, then compare what was already done with the project that you’re going to do. What makes yours different, or how will it add to what’s already been done in a meaningful way?

5.A minimum of 5 references must be used for this first project proposal document and those found on content should be fairly recent as technology changes quickly. You may site textbooks used in the program. Primary research is a must – avoid using Google to search for websites and articles with no author to list. Recommended length is 2 pages.

iv.Description of the Project

1.The fourth section will describe the proposed methodology and timeline related to how you will conduct the project all the way from initiation to closing. Explain the major steps and when they will occur (milestones). Include how you will assess the outcomes of your project – what was the impact? Also describe any assumptions and constraints that need to be addressed (for instance, resources might be limited, that’s a constraint that you have to work with.) Remember, this needs to be completed within 14 weeks so scale it appropriately. Recommended length is 1 page.


1.The fifth section provides an initial list of the references you will be using within your paper. Remember, if the reference is listed on the references page, there must be an accompanying in-text citation. Likewise, if you have an in-text citation, there has to be a reference to it on the references page. This is not a list of reading that you’ve done. The entire paper needs to be APA formatted, including the references page.

e.When writing your proposal use simple, direct, and unambiguous language. Write in third person/neutral voice. Do not write in first person. “I will do…” or “You will see…” are not allowed. The following are acceptable ways to begin sentences:

      1. The proposed project addresses the problem of…
      2. The project objectives are…
      3. This issue will be addressed by…
      4. The waterfall methodology will be used for the management of this project….
    1. Since this document is only 5-7 pages long, this will be a very high level document but if you frame it properly, it will be the start to your larger project paper down the road. This proposal needs to be brief and to the point.

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