Organizational Culture and Design PowerPoint Presentation

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Prepare a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint presentation supporting the following scenario;

You have studied the organizational culture in place at IDEO and are making a presentation about this company to your company’s top management team. (I am a guy who works at Keller Williams Real Estate Company, as a Real Estate Agent )

  • Describe the organizational culture at IDEO.
  • Analyze techniques used by IDEO to embed organizational culture.
  • Identify the organizational structure used by your organization/company (I work at Keller Williams Real Estate Company, as a Real Estate Agent ). Make a recommendation as to whether you think the IDEO culture could be successfully implemented at your company.
  • Recommend mechanisms your company would need to employ should management decide to implement a culture change in line with the IDEO culture.

Include deatailed speaker notes for bulk of communication. (minimum 150 words per each slide, excluding the reference slide, all slides need to have speaker notes)

Add in-text citations in all the speaker notes, and list the references in the reference slide.

Slides should contain headlines, graphics, and bullets with very short sentences.

Include an introduction and conclusion slide, as well as a reference slide. (these will make 3 slides, so the other 7 slides need to be only about the requirements and questions listed above) NO MORE THAN 10 Slides

Use Peer-reviewed references only

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