Monsters of Science and Nature in Fantasy

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Monsters of Science and Nature in Fantasy

Step 1: Analyze a primary media source(TV Show Episode, Movie, Song, etc.) of your choice that engages with the theme of monsters of science and/or monsters of nature

The source should be a mainstream popular text—a film, television episode,or video game.

Step 2: Write a paper in which you describe the text you have chosen and argue for how it connects to the longer history we have studied of monsters of science and nature via our Monsters readings.

Step 3: Then, analyze your text as an image of monstrosity, employing one or more of the monster theories we’ve discussed in Monsters: A Bedford Reader. No additional outside academic research is required.

You must use three quotes from our readings that you must cite correctly with MLA

You MUST integrate material from “How Signs Work”, at least two of the scholarly articles we read in Monsters: A Bedford Reader, and your primary Source.

You may use outside research as additional help, but you must cite it with MLA.

You should keep in mind that you much have clear symbols that identify a Monster for you

Include a rebuttal to address other definitions.

Here is the link for the articles from the book Monster –

write a essay around 1200 words.

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