Federalist Paper Short Essay Assignment

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Assume the position of either a Federalist or an Anti-Federalist who has been transported in time from 1787. Compare the ideas expressed in Federalist #10, Federalist #51, and Anti-Federalist #1 (for full credit address all three) with contemporary politics. What was the Framer’s opinion of human nature? Were they justified in this view? Do the ideas expressed in the Federalist papers still work today?

As I keep mentioning in class, no matter what party you support, the politics of today are not normal. Are contemporary politics antithetical to our constitutional values – in particular the enshrinement of individual freedoms – or a direct result of them? Please give an example and clearly link your example to the intentions of the Framers as expressed in the Federalist Papers. For assistance with this section, check out my recent announcement on “The Constitution and Contemporary Politics.”

What I’m basically looking for is that you understand the Federalist Papers well enough to be able to apply them to a contemporary political issue.

Source Material:
American Government Examined e-reader chapter 2:

  • Aichinger, “The Relevance of the Federalist Papers”
  • Federalist #10
  • Federalist #51
  • Anti-Federalist #1

Tips for Success:

  • I will be looking for direct references to assigned readings (author and page # citations are adequate). Again, this is an assignment in which I am looking for your ability to display your knowledge of course materials.
  • Recommended length: 4 – 6 paragraphs.

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