answering three questions based on readings

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Read the art critic Denis Diderot’s writings on the ‘Salon of 1763.’ Based on the passage that you have read, what do you believe is the purpose or role of art criticism? Why would readers be interested in this kind of writing? What concerns about art does Diderot seem to have–what kind of terms or stakes for art causes the critic to respond in this way?

Please make sure you respond to the prompt in 250-300 words. This particular prompt is based on the readings by Denis Diderot. Please read the text and respond in your own words making sure to answer the questions fully and communicate that you have thought deeply and productively about the issue(s). In addition, please make sure that you are paying attention to the technical aspects of your writing responses: spelling, grammar, and clarity will be looked at as well. Responses are graded on a point system from 1-10, 1= fail to 10=excellent.

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