October 5 2018

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Review the Chapter Two debate on page 37. To prepare for the Complete assignment, think about your position on the service that ALM offers. Then, for the Unit One discussion:

1) Identify a different product or service that is legal but socially irresponsible. Using what you have learned about social responsibility, and a stakeholder perspective (p. 35), show why the product or service you chose is not socially responsible. Discuss both the benefits and harms, as well as how they balance out over different stakeholders.

No more than two students should write about the same product or service. It can be useful to post a claim to your choice early in the week. Be sure to focus on a specific product or service, rather than a marketing strategy or an entire company.

Defend your position with evidence using citations and references that follow APA guidelines. A minimum of two scholarly sources are required and the initial post should be a minimum of 250 words.

Update the subject line of the initial post so that it reflects what you are writing about, like adding a title to a paper. It makes it easier to see what everyone is writing about and, overall, just looks more professional.


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Order a Similar Paper Order a Different Paper