loving family reflects federalism

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watch this video clip at:

Then, please answer the following: How do the story of the Loving family reflects federalism. Please respond in 6-8 sentences. Cite examples from the video to support your claim.

response to one classmate: (at least 2 sentences)

The Loving case reflects federalism in a few ways. Mr. and Mrs. Loving had no idea that it was a crime for a Caucasian person to marry a non-Caucasian person. They were jailed in the middle of the night and were forced to leave the state for 25 years. When the Lovings went back to Virginia to visit for Easter, federalism came into play and they got jailed again. Then they moved to the ghettos in Washington and experienced a child getting hit by a car. Mrs. Loving wrote a letter immediately to Robert Kennedy who passed the letter along to Bernard Cohen, a Virginia lawyer and member of Civil Liberties Union. This enabled the Lovings to receive help from Bernard Cohen and Phil Hirschkop, who were able to help overturn slavery statutes. This case was taken all the way to Supreme Court which then ruled laws forbidding interracial marriage in all 16 states that held these statutes unconstitutional. The Lovings brought attention to what happened to them by writing that letter which led to abolishing the law against interracial marriage.


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