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1- PowerPoint

2- I want outline and in my out line i need at least 8 curses. also sections don’t forget

Create a PowerPoint presentation that informs my classmates about my selected issue/topic. so in my PowerPoint by replying to the Selected Health/Healthcare Issue Discussion Board. 5. Evaluation of PowerPoint Presentation (35% of course points) Scholarly presentation (60% of PowerPoint grade): a) Presentation informs classmates about selected issue/topic in an instructional mode. b) Presentation does not promote a personal viewpoint or include personal opinion/experiences. c) Presentation has four (4) major sections (Section heading slide for each section required) 1) Selected health or health care issue/topic is described. 2) The relevance and significance of the selected health or health care issue/topic for individuals, groups and society is discussed. 3) The impact of the issue/topic on health, health status and healthcare in the United States is addressed in a specific manner. 4) Challenges/barriers (e.g., to incidence reduction, implementation, resolution/improvement) are presented and discussed. Note: DO NOT INCLUDE ANY DISCUSSION OF SOLUTIONS. Evidence/Research (10% of PowerPoint grade): a) Presentation is well-researched, informative, thought provoking, and based on a synthesis of facts and ideas from a variety of authoritative references. b) Information is presented in a logical, interesting sequence. c) Relevant current data and research findings are presented throughout the presentation. Reputable Accurately Cited Sources (10% of PowerPoint grade): a) Information is presented in your own words b) Reputable sources are cited throughout the presentation in order to attribute information to original source and to add credibility to writing. c) Appropriate credit is given for paraphrased/summarized information from reputable sources. d) In-text citation format is accurate. e) No use of verbatim direct quotes. Literature Cited (or Reference List) slide(s) (10% of PowerPoint grade): a) Provided at the conclusion of the PowerPoint presentation. b) Reference for each cited source includes full publication information. c) References are included for all (and only those) sources cited within the PowerPoint. d) A formal style guide, e.g. APA, MLA is accurately used for reference formatting.

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